Congratulations on your engagement! What an exciting time...I remember it like it was yesterday :) Now that you are finally adjusting to having that new piece of jewelry on your hand, it's time to start planning your dream wedding day! (I absolutely loved this part!!) I won't admit how many hours a day I spent on planning sites like The Knot and Project Wedding, during our 15 month engagement. It's a blessing and a curse that Pinterest didn't exist when I got married. I probably would have spent way more money than I did lol! I am so happy you have stopped by my website, and are considering me to capture the most important day of your life. I would be truly honored to do so!

So, what does it look like to hire Plum Pretty Photography as your Colorado wedding photographer?

Step 1: Let's chat online!
Email is my favorite (since sometimes I am an awkward nerd on the phone lol!). My initial email will share my pricing guide and wedding packages with you. We will chat about your wedding date, venue, and all of the initial, big picture items.

Step 2: Coffee date (or wine, or frozen yogurt...or anything)!
I would love to chat in person. Get to know you as a couple, hear your memorable engagement story, and chat all things weddings! I can show you samples of all my gorgeous, heirloom quality wedding albums, prints, canvases, metal prints, etc. You can touch them and experience the fine quality for yourself. Of course, if you are too busy to meet in person, or too far from the Denver area, we can chat on the phone or have a Zoom/Facetime meeting instead (at least that way I can still see your smiling faces!).

Step 3: Engagement Epicness!
Once you have selected the right wedding package for you, and have paid your retainer fee, we will start planning your engagement session (if applicable). Let me just say I LOOOOOOVE engagement sessions! I love weddings too, no doubt. But engagement sessions are nice and relaxed, we have so much time for portraits and adventuring...and fun! I don't limit the number of outfits, and I am always up for multiple locations. Usually these turn into 2+ hour sessions and you will end up with tons of gorgeous images! Engagement sessions give us an opportunity to get to know each other better too. I can see how you interact as a couple, what poses/prompts you excel at, this helps us ALL on the wedding day. You guys are more comfortable with me (hopefully we will be the best of friends by this point!), and I know what works best for you to produce genuine smiles, gut-busting laughs, and sweet, romantic embraces. Check out some of my favorite Colorado engagement photos, here

Step 4: Timelines, Vendor Recommendations, and Questionnaire Fun
I want to be here for you in whatever way you need me. I have planned my own wedding and photographed nearly 200 of them...I am a great resource! Looking for a bakery that specializes in donut walls? problem! Does your groom want to get a professional shave in a tricked out Airstream?...done! I can also help plan out your detailed wedding day timeline. This way you can maximize your hours with me. A few weeks before the wedding I will send you a very thorough questionnaire so that we are all totally on the same page for your big day. You have hired me because you love my work and want to allow me my own artistic freedom, but this questionnaire still gives you a major say in your finished product. You will let me know about the unique parts of the day, provide a family portraits list, and a small list of your most desired shots!

Step 5: The Best Day!
It's arrived! Your wedding is finally here, and it's going to be legen, wait for it...dary! (Where are my other "How I Met Your Mother" fans at?!). Now relax, remember that while a few things may go wrong (like the super wrinkly linens at my own venue), you are probably the only one that will notice. This day is about marrying your best friend. Don't let anything ruin those feelings of excitement :) Time for Melissa (and her 2nd shooter if applicable) to get to work to ensure that your images are a beautiful representation of your special day.

Step 6: Delivery Details
Shortly after your wedding day I will share a large sneak peek on social media (refresh, refresh, refresh on Plum Pretty Photography's Facebook page lol!). I remember that anticipation well. I checked countless times a day while I was on my honeymoon ;) Your final gallery will be delivered in about 6-8 weeks. I always try and deliver as quickly as I can, but couples always appreciate my meticulous attention to detail on all of their photos. Some folks may only edit the couple's portraits, but I am going to ensure all of your images, from getting ready through the reception, meet my high standards. The online gallery can be shared with all of your friends and family and will be live for 2 months. You can download all of your gorgeous images directly from the gallery and you will receive a printing release to allow you to print them wherever you would like.

Step 7: Albums and Artwork
(Is anyone still with me here hahaha?! So much info!) If you, or family/friends, choose to order products from my professional print lab, you can do so directly in your gallery. I will email you all the necessary details regarding your album design, if applicable. All orders should arrive on your doorstep within just a few weeks...but should bring back happy memories for years to come!

Step 8: Don't You, Forget About Me!
We are friends now, right?! Let's keep in touch! Remember that I am also an award-winning Colorado portrait photographer. I am always honored when my wedding couples choose me to become their "lifelong photographer". I would love to document all of the other special milestones in your life together...maternity, family, senior portraits, or even just some updated couple's photos. And for being a former Plum Pretty Photography wedding couple you will ALWAYS receive a don't even need to ask for it!

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Ready to book?


The Plum Pretty Experience

Do you have insurance?
You bet! 100%. Yep, absolutely!

How many photos will we receive? 
Every wedding is different, so I do not guarantee a certain number, but I always deliver a lot! You should certainly receive 50-100 edited photos for every hour of wedding photography coverage.

Can we select our "second shooter"?
Not at this time, no. But I work with the same few ladies time and time again. They are ALL amazing, professional photographers and own their own businesses. You are in good hands...I will bring along someone great to help document your wedding photos.

Do you only photograph weddings in Colorado?

No way, I love to travel! I have photographed weddings in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Santa Barbara, Wyoming, Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, and Nebraska. I have also visited and photographed sessions in Arizona, Virginia, St. Louis, Las Vegas and Connecticut for some amazing photography conferences/workshops. My passport is getting dusty...let's go somewhere! My dream location is Santorini, Greece, in case you are looking for an epic destination wedding location ;)

Will you be the actual person photographing our wedding day?
Yep, absolutely! Unless you have chosen ahead of time to work with one of my associate photographers.

We would love to work with your company, but you are out of our budget. Any other options?
Recently I have started offering associate wedding packages. These ladies represent my company and photograph your big day in my place. I do everything else for you! I help you create your wedding day timeline, photograph your Colorado engagement photos (if applicable), and edit all of your wedding day images, so that you can ensure they are consistent with the Plum Pretty brand, that you have grown to love. The associate photographers I work with are amazing, professional photographers assured you are in good hands! Associate photography packages are 10% off the typical PPP rate!

Will you copy photography ideas off of my Pinterest board?
No, you are hiring me to capture your own, unique "pin-worthy" images. Every wedding is different...the venue, the lighting, the weather, etc. Copying other artists' images doesn't allow me to create my own artistic interpretation of your special wedding day. I do, however, provide a questionnaire prior to the wedding day where you can share some specific requests and "must have shots". 

Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?
Absolutely! Love is love!!

Have you shot at my wedding venue before?
I have shot over 180 weddings, so it's definitely possible. That being said, I am confident shooting at any venue at this point in my career as a Colorado wedding photographer. I will arrive early on your wedding day, to check out the property, scout out some great photo locations, and familiarize myself with the lighting and layout. 

Do you also offer videography services?
No, I do not. But I can happily refer some stellar videographers that I love working with! I have chosen to focus on just one expertise, Colorado wedding photography, so that I can truly excel at that one art for you!

Can I see a full wedding, from start to finish?
I am so proud of my work, and would love to share one (or more) full galleries with you! I want you to love all of the photos from your day, from the preparations, all the way through the grand exit. Sharing a full wedding gallery will give you a great idea of what you can expect when hiring Melissa and the Plum Pretty team.

Do you edit all of the photos? Can you make me look 10 lbs thinner?
Yes, all images in the final gallery are edited in Lightroom and/or Photoshop. All photos are individually edited for color correction, contrast, and tonal adjustments. A minority of the images will be treated as custom art images and include a variety of techniques to create the photographer’s artistic interpretation. Steps taken may include (but are not limited to): realistic retouching such as blemish removal, selective toning of colors, color enhancements, removal of distracting elements, conversion to black and white, etc. The images treated as custom art images are chosen by the photographer. The final images will be an accurate representation of the subjects' true are beautiful just the way you are! If you would like more extensive editing on your images, all editing requests must be sent in writing to Plum Pretty Photography for consideration. Additional fees may apply at the rate of $75/hour.

We have a lot of downtime between events on our wedding day. Are you going to charge us for that time?
Yes, that downtime will count against your total purchased hours. Wedding hours must be continuous, as I am not able to book other photography jobs during that downtime. 

Do you back up our images? How do we know they won't get lost?
I sure do! I photograph in a "dual slot" camera. This means that I am recording all images to 2 separate memory cards simultaneously. So even if one card were to become corrupt, get damaged by the rain, or to go missing, your images are still safe and sound on my other memory card. Then, when I get home from your wedding day, I upload my memory cards in at least 2 locations. This way, if one of my external hard drives were to stop working, your images would still be located on the other drive. I have also made a point to not delete the images off my memory cards, until you have received your final gallery. This means I have grown quite the massive collection of memory cards lol!

Will we receive all of the RAW, unedited files?
No, you will not. The final edited images represent my best work as an artist. I take a lot of time to meticulously edit your images so that you receive all the best photos. I kind of view this like you asking your baker for the sugar, flour, and all the other ingredients that went into your wedding cake. You have hired your baker for the finished product, your stunning cake, so you should do the same with your wedding photographer.

Do you offer a discount for off-season or weekday weddings?
No, I do not. No matter the time of year, my workload and hustle for your wedding will be the same. 

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups in case of malfunctions?
I have a ton of high-end, professional equipment. Including Canon 5d mk III and IV bodies, and many L series Canon lenses. Everything from wide angle, to telephoto, to make sure I can get "the shot" in all situations! I have lots of lighting equipment for off-camera flash shots in dark settings too. I always bring numerous memory cards, in case of malfunctions. And I have 3 camera bodies, 7 lenses, and 4 flashes with me at every event!

Do you accept credit cards?
It is 2022 after all, so yes, I absolutely can accept a credit card payment. To avoid credit card fees, however, I do try and obtain a check payment whenever possible. Keeping it old school when I can ;)

What should we wear for our engagement photos?
I suggest you bring a few outfits, usually one that's more casual, and one that's a little dressier. You want yours and your fiancé's outfits to go, without being too matchy. Bright colors are always good, refrain from too much white, busy patterns, large logos or writing. Accessories can be fun too! You want to ensure that the clothing is well fitting while sitting and standing :) Bring sensible shoes for the in between walking, especially for Colorado mountain engagement photos. Check out my small Pinterest board, with some great clothing inspiration, here.

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