Reid – Class of 2017 | Senior Photographer Longmont | McIntosh Lake

March 13, 2017

Hello there!  Typing this post in the middle of the night, as this giant pregnant belly is keeping me from sleeping.  As is the snoring husband next to me!  I can’t believe a new week is upon us.  Now, when people ask when I am due, my answer will be…NEXT WEEK!  That blows my mind!  Before I pop, I am trying to share a few more blog posts with you all 🙂  Firstly, I am starting out the week with Reid’s photos from McIntosh Lake.  Being a senior photographer Longmont is always a fun part of the job.  Longmont is so close to home, and it’s where I grew up so I know it like the back of my hand.  Coaching high schoolers for many years helps me comfortably interact with them pretty well, too.

Senior boys never seem to enjoy these photos as much as their female counterparts.  Reid, however, was completely pleasant and didn’t complain once.  Not even when his mom requested an outfit change LOL!  After we captured a bunch of photos with the lake and mountain backdrops, we decided to get a little variety with some “urban” photos too.  Even though we weren’t near a true urban setting at all, I captured some photos against a nearby brick wall.  Even a chainlink fence did the trick and added some nice texture to the photos.  Reid, thanks for being so great to work with and I hope you enjoy these last few months of your senior year.

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  1. Therese Iwaniak says:

    Nice selection. How is a mother to choose?

  2. kay marsh says:

    great pics handsome grandson loved the variety good luck to u and the new baby!!!!

  3. Marie Olson says:

    Very nice photos of a very nice young man.