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March 29, 2021

For years I was wanting to book a wedding at the Tapestry House in Fort Collins. With Cortnee and Caleb, I finally had the opportunity! This venue, with this amazing couple…did not disappoint! Of course, like nearly every other 2020 couple, covid changed their wedding plans. They had decided to move their big celebration to this year instead, and have an intimate Tapestry House wedding on their original 2020 date. I covered a few hours of wedding day coverage by myself (normally I bring along a second shooter). The state guidelines at the time allowed for up to 50 guests. Cortnee and Caleb had just under that number for a sweet, emotional ceremony, followed by a brief outdoor toast and mingling. It may not be their original plan. But you know what? It was a really wonderful, intimate and beautiful afternoon.

Although we didn’t have a ton of portrait time, since they were only booked at the venue for a few hours. I was so thrilled with the images we were able to capture during that timeframe though. Also, I know if there were shots that we wanted to get, and didn’t get a chance to take them last year…we can capture those at their 2021 celebration!

We did have the most stunning light streaming through the trees during their wedding party photos, and their romantic bride and groom portraits. That made me a very happy photographer!

Some of my favorite parts of Cortnee and Caleb’s wedding day included all of the emotion. Most notably, when Cortnee’s family’s friend surprised her by making the trip all the way from Hawaii. Her reaction was absolutely amazing! Speaking of amazing reactions though, I absolutely loved the moment when Caleb first saw his stunning bride. These are the moments we photographers live for! He was overwhelmed with joy and so much love…it was so wonderful to witness! I also really liked the custom brick that the Tapestry House does for their wedding couples. What a unique and special memory. And it’s a physical symbol that becomes a permanent part of the venue where their marriage began 🙂

custom wedding brick at Tapestry House Fort Collins summer weddingblue silk floral bouquet bride getting ready during Wedgewood Colorado wedding preparationsbride's mother putting in her veil bride's first look with her bridesmaids and her brothergroom opening gift box from bride groom getting ready for Fort Collins ceremony bride doing first look with special guest
Trying to use the restroom in a wedding dress, is not the easiest thing lol! Thank goodness for wonderful bridesmaids to assist 🙂
bride attempting to go to the bathroom in wedding dress groom walking down the aisle at Colorado garden wedding ceremony groom getting emotional as bride walks down the aisle at Tapestry House weddingbride walking down aisle at Colorado garden wedding ceremony summer wedding ceremony in Fort Collins Colorado couple saying vows at Tapestry House Wedgewood weddings Colorado ceremony
The pastor had breath mints ready for their first kiss as husband and wife. Everyone had a good laugh about that one! Guaranteeing a minty-fresh first kiss…I love it!
couple signing marriage license during their outdoor Colorado wedding ceremony first kiss at Fort Collins Colorado wedgewood wedding ceremony wedding party standing on balcony at Tapestry House Colorado wedding wedding party in blue and tan posing in front of the Tapestry House at Fort Collins wedding wedding party in blue and beige posing in front of Tapestry House after Ft. Collins wedding ceremony Tapestry House wedding photos by Fort Collins Colorado photographer Plum Pretty Photographybride posing on a bench during Fort Collins Colorado summer wedding portraits bride and bridesmaids in blue posing in gardens at Fort Collins Tapestry House wedding bridesmaids lifting bride during Fort Collins wedding pictures at Tapestry House groom in vest and jeans posing for Tapestry House wedding photos groom in jeans and cowboy boots at Ft. Collins summer wedding groomsmen in jeans and cowboy boots at Colorado weddingTapestry House wedding photos by Fort Collins Colorado photographer Plum Pretty Photographygarden wedding inspiration in Fort Collins Colorado Tapestry House wedding photos by Fort Collins Colorado photographer Plum Pretty Photographysummer garden wedding inspiration at Tapestry House Wedgewood Weddings in Ft. Collins Tapestry House wedding photos by Fort Collins Colorado photographer Plum Pretty Photography

This is definitely one of my favorites from their Tapestry House wedding photos! Told you we got some gorgeous light! Tapestry House wedding photos by Fort Collins Colorado photographer Plum Pretty Photographygroom dipping bride in sunny golden light at Tapestry House wedding in Ft. Collins couple walking during Fort Collins Colorado summer weddingcouple laying custom brick at Wedgewood Weddings Tapestry Houseoutdoor wedding toasts at Fort Collins cocktail hourcouple leaving their Fort Colins wedding in white Porsche

Thank you so much Cortnee and Caleb! You guys handled wedding planning during pandemic times with such grace. I loved working with you both so much, and I cannot wait to see all the fun your 2021 celebration has in store for us!
And here is Cortnee and Caleb’s Tapestry House wedding experience…in their own words! I hope their words and advice are informative when planning your own wedding day 🙂

What was your most anticipated part of the day? 
Cortnee- I was most looking forward to seeing Caleb at the end of that aisle. It felt like everything was coming into place at that moment.
Caleb- Seeing Cortnee when she walked down the aisle because that moment was the switch from we love each other to we love each other forever.

Did anything unexpected happen? What was the outcome?
Two weeks before we had to totally shift gears and replan everything due to covid. We made it work and I couldn’t have imagined a better day. I am grateful for the closeness and perspective the change of plans gave us. We were able to focus on what was most important to us.

What ended up being your favorite part of the day?
Cortnee- my favorite part of the day was after the ceremony getting to be with Caleb and talk with the small group that was allowed to gather. Caleb and I chose to stay in separate places the night before so we hadn’t seen each other all day.
Caleb- Besides the I Dos, our vows and the bridal party pictures.

What advice would you give to future couples for their wedding?

Cortnee- Make a list of your nonnegotiables and make sure the people that are by your side know them and can help you stick to them. This made it so when we had to change plans, we knew what we absolutely had to have and the rest was easy to let go of.
Caleb- You are marrying a person not the plan. My favorite relationship advice I was ever given was just because you are right doesn’t mean you get to be a jerk.

Were you nervous? How did you squash the nerves?
Cortnee- I was nervous for the event and all the changes a few days out. I wasn’t nervous at all for getting married. The day of I was so calm my bridesmaids kept asking me if I was ok because they expected me to be more emotional. I was just so content and at peace with marrying Caleb. I was so happy all day!
Caleb- Yes, I was nervous and I didn’t squash them, they leaked out of my eyes.

What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?
Cortnee- I feel a little bad not saying something to do with Caleb, but my dad flew out a family friend from Hawaii I hadn’t seen in years! He had been a part of my life since I was born and I was very convinced he wasn’t going to make it. When he walked in the whole house heard me scream.
Caleb- Cortnee gave me a tie she had been praying over for her husband for years with a letter. That just gave me more nerves that leaked out of my eyes.

What inspired your wedding decor? Did you have a theme in mind?

We wanted casual and country. Neither one of us wanted things too fancy and our only “theme” was light blue. Caleb was adamant about not wearing a suit and I was ok with that!

Tell me about some of your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them!

Cortnee- My favorite wedding detail was my bouquet. My mom chose the flowers last minute and created the bouquet and then I created a locket with all my grandparents’ that have passed in it. The locket hung around my bouquet so it was like all my grandparents were walking me down the aisle. They were all a huge part of my life and it meant a lot to include them in some way.
Caleb- The hand blessing in our ceremony meant a lot to us. Our pastor suggested it and we felt like it fit us well.

How did you feel at the end of the day?
Cortnee- The only thing I can think of to describe the end of the day was perfection or what I imagine perfection feels like. Not the kind of perfection that is stressful and micromanaged but the kind that is peaceful bliss. I couldn’t image the day going any other way then it did.

Caleb- Tired and content.

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?
Cortnee- Caleb is my best friend and I am ready for all our next adventures! We just moved into a new house and we are seeing where life takes us.
Caleb- Building and doing life together because I was half a person and then I met Cortnee and I feel like a whole person going through life with my other half.

What did you like most about working with Plum Pretty Photography?

Melissa is amazing! She does a great job of keeping things organized and working with her clients to fit their vision with hers. All her suggestions for posing and locations have been wonderful and we treasure all the pictures she has taken for us. Melissa’s personal touches really made us feel special and everything felt natural. We never felt rushed.

Why did you pick the venues that you chose?
We liked the outdoor space this venue had but Cortnee wasn’t sold on the venue until Caleb saw it and expressed how much he liked it. That sold Cortnee because she loved seeing his excitement about getting married there!

Which part of your wedding did you want to WOW your guests?
Honestly, we weren’t so worried about wowing our guests since Covid forced us to focus so much on why we were all there and our marriage. We hope our guests felt the love and support surrounding the event like we did.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in planning your wedding?

Covid! We wouldn’t go back and change it if we had the chance though.


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